Quality manufacturing in rubber, foam & plastic

pakt Ltd specialist in self-adhesive products and our vast experience in rubber & foam fabrication meants that all of the samples shown can be supplied self-adhesive on one or both sides - Even solid rubber & silicones!

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Samples shown are a selection of materials available - to be supplied as gaskets or tapes etc. Full specifications available on request

Rubber matting fine and flat fluted

Various grades and profiles avabilable including fine and flat fluted. Can be cut into mats or pads. Also available in electrically tested grades

Solid Materials

Density from 40° to 90° shore. Various grades to meet any requirement. Materials covered include Solid Neoprene, EPDM, Butyl, Nitrile, and Viton. Insertion Grade available where extra stregnth is required. Temperature Range -30°c to +70°c

Expanded closed cell neoprene sponge

Self-extinguishing and resistant to air/UV, oil, chemicals and solvents. Ideal for internal and external applications being waterproof. Temperature Range -20°c to +100°c

Cork: Nitrile neoprene

Cork - neoprene, nitrile & synthetic grade. Average density 275/325kg m2 Temperature range -20°c- + 120°c. Specifications various ASTM specifications available. Applications: gasket and strip to withstand weather, oil petrol and acid, plus anti-vibration pads.

Expanded closed cell EPDM
(Ethylene propylene dienne momomer)

Water and weather resistant. Self-extinguishing internal/external application. Various densities available.
Colours - Black and White
Remperature Range -40°c to + 90°c

Expanded nitrile PVC sponge

Closed cell skinned material. Available to class O spec. UL94 rated and London Underground Approved, Temperature range -29°c to +104°c

Expanded natural closed cell sponge

Various densities. Applications include gasket, strips and industrial packaging pieces. Temperature Range -30°c to + 70°c

Industrial felts

Available in various grades and densities suitable for seals, wipers, mounting pads, absorption pads, oil seals.

Expanded natural open cell sponge
(Ethylene propylene dienne momomer)

Applications insclude gaskets and strip to with-stand weather. Good recovery properties.
Temperature Range -40°c to + 40°c

Brushed nylon

Available in numerous colours. Used for decorative purposes i.e. display cases mats etc. Can be laminated to any material shown here.

Expanded closed cell polyethylene

Available in a vast range of grades, densities and colours. Waterproof and weather resistant - also resistant to oil and most chemicals. High tensile stregnth, suitable for internal/external applications. Various colours availble.
Temperature Range -20°c to + 70°c

Acoustic foams

Excellent acoustic and sound absorption qualities. Good thermal insluation. Used extensively in the Ductwork & Heating and Ventilation Industries. Fully flame retardant to class 'O' grade.

Flexible cellular polyester/polyether foams

Various colours and densities available; ideal soundproofing and draught sealing. Certain grades ideal for thermal insulation. Flame retardant grades available. Temperature Range - 20°c to + 100°c

Expanding foam sealant

Self adhesive, impregnated foam supplied pre-compressed in rolls. Expands to create a high perofrmance log life seal for smooth or irregular joints. Excellent UV resistace provides a fully weatherproof seal.

Open cell expanded reticulated polyurethane foam

Available from 10 P.P.I. to 80 P.P.I. applications filtration and pre-filteration for the automotive air conditioning and ventilation industries.

Silicone sponge

Various densities and grades available. Suitable for gaskets and strip in extreme temperatures and for food quality applications. Temperature Range -60°c to +200°c

Expanded PVC foam

Very good sealing properties. Available in various colours. Good resilience. Ideal for Internal and External applications. Temperature Range -30°c to +70°c

Solid Silicone

Application: High temperature gasket and strip for food quality application. Temperature Range -60°c to +200°c

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